2012 Conference | The Meteorological Society of New Zealand

2012 Conference

The 2012 annual conference of the Meteorological Society of New Zealand is being held on 19-20 November at the Copthorne Hotel, Orientral Bay, Wellington.  Check out the details at http://www.metsoc.org.nz/2012-conference. Photos from the conference as well as links to the conference presentations and posters are provided below.


Clouds from the roof of the Copthorne Hotel

Conference attendees

More conference attendees

The Meteorological Society of New Zealand committee members. November 2012


Satellites to Sales - Neil Gordon (Keynote)

Determining the Snowfall Level using the Height of the ‘Wet Bulb Zero’ - Paul Mallinson

DEEPWAVE A Study of Deeply Propagating Gravity Waves from the Earth’s Surface to the Mesosphere - James Doyle

The Auckland Flash Flood 3 July 2012: a mesoscale analysis - Brian Giles

Ensemble prediction of mod-heavy rainfall in New Zealand based on 4Dvar and 3Dvar - Ed Yang

Mixing Nowcasting and NWP for improved QPF for an Island Nation - Geoff Austin

Implementing a surface drag formulation in Gerris - Mike Revell

Do winds control the confluence of subtropical and subantarctic surface waters east of New Zealand? - Denise Fernandez

Oceanographic inter-annual variability on the Campbell Plateau - Aitana Forcén-Vázquez

Residual Flows in Cook Strait - Craig Stevens

All-sky incoming radiation over the Brewster Glacier: cloudiness and mass balance controls - Jono Conway

Southern Annual Mode (SAM) River Flow Relationships Across NZ - Glenn McGregor

The QBO in History - James Renwick

Towards determining ‘reliable’ 21st century precipitation and temperature change signal over New Zealand from IPCC CMIP3 climate simulations - Abha Sood

On Sensitivity of NZ Rainfall Changes to SST Specification at High Latitudes - Brett Mullan

The Invisible Burden of Disaster Risk: Shifting the Paradigm from Event Management to Risk and its Reduction - Reid Basher (Keynote)

Forecasting National and Regional Pasture Growth for the Dairy Industry - Trevor Carey-Smith

Updated Trends in N.Z. Station Rainfall 1962-2011 - Georgina Griffiths

Revision and Update of Reference Meteorological Years for the Australian NatHERS 2011 - Ben Liley

Gaussian State-Space Model for Wind Fields in the North-East Atlantic - Julie Bessac

Competing with the Lotto Results: Clustering of Curves Compression to Allow Communication of Large Meteorological Data Sets in a Bandwidth-Austere Environment - Sally Garrett

The new MetSoc Website – You’ll Really “Like” it - Andrew Tait

Updated Trends in N.Z. StatioThe Climatological Causes of Recent Glacier Recession on Kilimanjaro, Tanzanian Rainfall 1962-2011 - Nicolas Cullen

Probing the Antarctic Atmosphere with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - John Cassano

Artificial Neural Network as a Useful Tool in Meteorological Modelling of Air Pollutants - Anushka Elangasinghe

Traffic-Related Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure and Asthma Medication Usage at Early Childhood Centres in Auckland, New Zealand - Kim Dirks

Predicting Nitrous Oxide Emission – Meteorological Drivers - Mike Harvey

Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Climate Modelling with Whole-Atmosphere Chemistry: First Results - Olaf Morgenstern

Solaria as a Source of Sustainable Heat for Houses in New Zealand Meteorological Conditions - Raj Tyagi

Regional Scale Modelling of Volcanic Plumes from the Mt Ruapehu 1996 Eruptions - Jia Liu

Large Eddy Simulation of Atypical Wildland Fire Spread on Leeward Slopes - Colin Simpson

Applying the “RainSat” Technique and a New Precipitation Nudging Scheme to Improve the Precipitation Nowcasting in New Zealand - Sijin Zhang

WRF 1.5km Christchurch: Skills and Limitations of High-Resolution Modelling Over the Shaken City - Dominikus  Heinzeller


WHO'S  THE BEST -  Survey of weather websites 2012 - Bob McDavitt

The Effects of Ventilation Mode on In-Vehicle Carbon Monoxide Exposure - Kim Dirks

Popular Outreach: Educational Blog Posts - Chris Webster

The Atmospheric Tide in New Zealand - Brian Giles

Mountain Wave 3D Wind Fields from Sailplane Flight Data - Rick Millane

A Comparison Between Ranking and Accumulating Rainfall Within Categorical Verification Periods - Trevor Carey-Smith

Precipitation Variability over the Indian Subcontinent - Sapna Rana

Reformulation of the Drought Codes in the Canadian Fire Weather Index System Used in New Zealand - Ed Yang

Contribution of Tropical Cyclones to the Latter Part of the Rainy Season in Viet Nam - Quang Nguyen

A Global Experiment to Improve Observations of Snow: The World Meteorological Organization Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (WMO-SPICE) - Shane Bilish

Arrival Heights Measurements of the Antarctic Ozone Hole - Sylvia Nichol

National and Regional Climate Map and Data Products for the Latest 30-Year Climate Normal Period: 1981-2010 - James Sturman

Quantifying the role of forest phenology in CO2 fluxes - Andy Moffat

Updated Descriptions of New Zealand’s Current and Future Fire Climate: Part I & II - Grant Pearce



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