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Official notice to members for AGM 2013



You are invited to attend our 34th Annual General Meeting

This is planned for around 5:30pm

at the end of the second day of our Annual Conference

at Seminar Room, Convention Centre, The Square, Palmerston North.

on Wednesday20 Nov 2013.


All financial members are allowed to attend and vote.

Apologies may be emailed to

 - - - -  -  - or simply leave a comment to this news item (below)

Items of business may be emailed to




1.      Attendance


2.      Apologies


3.      Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM


4.      Matters Arising:


5.      President’s Report


6.      Treasurer’s Report


7.      Appointment of Auditor


8.      Subscription Rate


9.      Election of Officers


10.     Other Matters


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