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Retention and Disposal of historic weather charts held by NIWA.

Retention and Disposal of historic weather charts held by NIWA.


Dear Climate and Weather enthusiast of New Zealand.


Regarding attached DRAFT appraisal of future of 'Park Road Store' weather maps:

This is to invite your comment on NIWA plans to dispose and/or transfer to Archives NZ historic weather charts held in NIWA paper archives. Details of the plans can be found in attached draft plan developed with Archives NZ.

In Summary:


Do any of these records include those from the South Pacific Islands that the former New Zealand Meteorological Service manage and operate until the late mid 1980s/early 1990s?


New Subscription rates

New Subscription rates for NZ Meteorological Society

At the AGM held in November 2012 it was passed that annual subscription rates are to increase from  1 August 2013 as follows:

    $40 for Ordinary Members
    $120 for Institutional Members

There is an additional overseas postage charge of $15 per annum for members residing overseas.

All members (Ordinary and Institutional) receive copies of "Weather and Climate" and the quarterly "Newsletter".


Photo Competition 2013


Photo Competition

THEME Weather and Climate in NZ in 2013

Show us your best weather or climate photo in our 2013 photo competition


You can submit just ONE photo by end of September.
Tell us when and where it was taken.
In October, anyone can vote ONCE for a favourite entry,

and from those we'll pick three winners!

To submit an entry

2013 Conference First Flyer

Read attached flyer for First notice of 2013 conference

Media Skills Course Details

Two Day Media Course

Wellington 20-21 June 2013

Science media SAVVY

Applicatiuons close 6pm TODAY 24 May

$795+GST  per person

Apply at

See attached pdf flyer for more details

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