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Publications by Authors

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Author last name Author first name/initials Title Year of Publication Pages
Am Geophysical Union American 11th Technical Conf. Hurricanes & Tropical Meteorology 1978 695
Am Geophysical Union American Antarctica in the International Geophysical Year 1956 133
Am Geophysical Union American Antarctic Oceanology ll. The Australian-New Zealand Sector 1972 364
Am.Meteorological Society American Compendium of Meteorology 1951 1334
Aust Weather Bureau Aust. Antarctic Meteorology 1960 483
Aust Weather Bureau Aust. Australian Tropical Cyclone Forecasting Manual 1978 274
Berry, Bollay, Beers F.A & E & Norman R Handbook of Meteorology 1945 1068
Bolin Bert The Atmosphere and the Sea in Motion 1959 509
Brunt David Physical and Dynamical Meteorology 1944 428
Brunt David Some Problems of Modern Meteorology 1934 170
Corby G.A. The Global Circulation of the Atmosphere 1969 257
Department of Commerce U.S. Weather Glossary 1946 299
Department of Commerce U.S. The Thunderstorm 1949 287
Gabites J.F. The Heat Balance of the Antarctic Through the Year 1960 8
Gabites J.F. Symposium on Radioactive Fallout (1) 1966 2
Gabites J.F. Mean Westerly Wind Flow in the Upper Levels Over the New Zealand Region 1953 7
Gabites J.F. The Drift of Radioactive Dust from British Nuclear Bomb Tests, October 1953 1954 6
Gabites J.F. Temperatures in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Over the New Zealand Region 1953 12
Gabites J.F. The Estimation of Natural Evaporation and Water Need 1956 10
Gabites & Rowles J.F. & D.S. Summary of Visual Observations of the Aurora Following Nuclear Explosion Above Johnston Island on 9 July 1962 1962 5
Gregory J.B. New Zealand Observations of the High Altitude Explosion of July 9 at Johnston Island 1962 12
Hines et al C.O. Physics of the Earth's Upper Atmosphere 1965 434
Japan Met Agency Japan Proceedings Inter-Regional Seminar Tropical Cyclones - Tokyo Jan 1962 1963 315
Junge Christian E Air Chemistry and Radioactivity 1963 382
Kidson & Holmboe E. & J. Part ll, Weather Charts; Frontal Methods of Weather Analysis Applied to Aust-NZ Area. 1935 15
Kidson & Holmboe E. & J. Part l, Discussion; Frontal Methods of Weather Analysis Applied to Aust-NZ Area 1935 20
Kondrat'yev K. Ya. Radiative Heat Exchange in the Atmosphere 1965 411
Kuiper Gerard P. The Atmospheres of the Earth and Planets 1948 366
Middleton W.E. Knowles Meteorological Instruments 1942 313
Mitra S.K. The Upper atmosphere 1948 616
Newton Chester W. Meteorology of the Southern Hemisphere 1972 263
NZ Meteorological Service N.Z. N.Z. Meteorological Office Notes; Nos 1-36 1931 999
NZ Meteorological Service N.Z. Proceedings of the Symposium on Tropical Meteorology 1964 737
NZ Meteorological Service N.Z. Miscellaneous Papers and Publications on N.Z. Meteorology 1905 999
NZ Meteorological Service N.Z. N.Z. Meteorological Office Notes; Nos 37- 58 1953 999
Preddy George Nuclear Disaster; A new way of thinking down under 1985 175
Rafter T.A. Symposium on Radioactive Fallout (3) 1966 2
Richards B.D. Flood Estimation and Control 1944 151
Shapley Harlow Climatic Change. Evidence, Causes, and Effects. 1953 318
Smithsonian Miscellaneous Smithsonian Smithsonian Meteorological Tables 1918 261
Sverdrup H.U. Oceanography for Meteorologists 1945 246
Veale A.M.O. Symposium on Radioactive Fallout (2) 1966 2
Watson-Watt R.A. Applications of the Cathode Ray Oscillograph in Radio Research 1933 290
World Meteorological Organization WMO International Meteorological Codes 1971 999


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