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Book Reviews

S. Hurnard
G. Ward
I. Brown
J. Hessell
D. Wratt
H. Hill
W. J. Maunder

The Role o f Agrometeorology in Agricultural Development and Investment Projects. By G . W. Robertson. World Meteorological Organisation Technical Note. No. 168, 1980.

Weather. A monthly magazine published by the Royal Meteorological Society.

Atmosphere and Ocean: Our Fluid Environment. By J. G. Harvey. The Artemis Press, Sussex, 1976.

Value of Meteorological Services. Proceedings of the Conference held a t Melbourne, in February 1979, under the joint auspices o f the Royal Meteorological Society (Australian Branch), the Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand,
and the Australian Agricultural Economics Society.

Progress for a Small Planet. By Barbara Ward, Penguin Books, 1980.

Planning for Peaple in Natural Disasters. Edited by Joan Innes Reid. James Cook University of North Queensland, 1979.

Climatic Constraints and Human Activities. Edited by Jesse Ausubel and Asi t K . Biswas. IIASA Proceedings Series, Vo l . 10, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1980.

World Climate, the Weather, the Environment and Man. T. J. Gaskell and Martin Morris. Thames and Hudson, London, 1979.

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