Modelling the spatial variation of wind | The Meteorological Society of New Zealand

Modelling the spatial variation of wind

S. Reid
M. Bell
J. Copeland

RAMS (Regional Atmospheric Modelling System) has been run using several combinations of orography enhancements, grid resolutions, domain sizes and two types of input meteorological fields. Results show that the model output is sensitive to varying representations of the underlying land surface and input field but it has not been possible to demonstrate a similar sensitivity to changes of the resolution and domain dimensions. When the observed winds are processed to remove surface layer effects, the modelled spatial variations are qualitatively correct but smaller than those observed. The observed relationships between pressure gradient and wind appear to be well modelled by RAMS so that it does appear possible to use a mesoscale model to represent the spatial variation caused by the interaction of the pressure field with the large-scale orography.

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