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Publications - 1905-1939

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Title Last Name First Name/Initials Yr Pub Remarks
A Method of Smoothing Time Series of Data with Application to Annual Rainfalls in Auckland Bullen K.E. 1939  
Abnormal Audibility of Sound at Murchison Earthquake and Tarawera Eruption. Thomson Andrew 1930  
Annual Rainfall Fluctuations Birks & Bates L & D.C. 1921  
Comments: On Earthquake Sounds Heard at Great Distances Whipple F.J.W. 1929 Comments on paper by Andrew Thomson.
Conference of Empire Meteorologists, 1929: Agricultural Section. Kidson E 1930 Two parts:The relation of animal numbers to climate: &: Weather and climate in their relation to insects
Critical Spring Temperatures for Apples in the Yakima Valley, Washington. Ellison & Close Eckley S & Wilbur L 1931 Review by E Kidson of article in MWR. Jan. 1927.
Discussion of the Paper by D.F. Martyn & O.O. Pulley on "The Temperature & Constituents of the Upper Atmosphere" Kidson E 1937  
Dust from Australia Kidson E 1930  
Earthquake Sounds Heard at Great Distances Thomson Andrew 1929 With comments by F.J.W. Whipple
Hourly Sunshine at Wellington Meldrum D.C. 1930  
lll. 3 - The Circulation of the Atmosphere in the Australia-New Zealand Region Kidson E 1934  
Manual of Meteorology - Review by Kidson Shaw Sir Napier 1932 Review of Authoritative text by E. Kidson (who came to meteorology through Napier Shaw).
Meteorological Notes on the Formation of Ice on Aircraft Kidson E 1931  
Meteorology in Relation to Farming. (Bulletin No. 9) Bates D.C. 1905 Paper read at: NZ Agricultural Conference, Wellington, 21 July 1905.
New Zealand Weather Bates D.C. 1913  
Notes on the General Circulation in the New Zealand Region Kidson E 1931  
Observations of Upper Air-curents at Apia, Western Samoa. Thomson Andrew 1929  
Observations of Upper Air-currents at Apia, Western Samoa. (Second Series) Thomson Andrew 1929 Covers period May, 1923 - April, 1928. Details of May 1923 - Dec 1924 in earlier publication of same title.
Protection of Orchards Against Frost Kidson E 1927  
Report Upon the Dry Period and Rain-Making Experiments at Oamaru, New Zealand Bates D.C. 1908 Important piece of NZ meteorological history.
Reports of the Conferences on Cycles Kidson E 1931 Carnegie Institute
Some Aspects of Glaciation in New Zealand Speight R 1939 Presidential Address
Some New Zealand Weather Charts Kidson E 1933  
Some Problems of Modern Meteorology, No. 8. Problems of Antarctic Meteorology Kidson E 1932 One of a series on "Problems of Modern Met'ology" in QJRMS
Summary of the Meteorological Observations of the Samoa Observatory (1890-1920) Angenheister G 1924 Edited by; E. Marsden & D.M.Y. Sommerville (Prof Maths, Victoria University College, Welligton).
Sun-spot Numbers and Annual Rainfall in New Zealand Kidson E 1928  
Surface Winds at Waitatapia, Bulls. Thomson Andrew 1930  
The Causes of Ice Ages. Discussion of Paper by G.H. Halligan, F.G.S. Kidson E 1938  
The Climate of New Zealand Kidson E 1937  
The Dust-storm of October 1928. Part l. Marshall P 1929  
The Dust-storm of October 1928. Part ll. Kidson E 1928  
The Flood Rains of 11th March, 1924, in Hawke's Bay. Kidson E 1931  
The Influence of Forests on Rainfall and Run-off Brooks C.E.P. 1929 Comments by Dr E Kidson on paper in QJRMS., 54, 1928, p. 1.
The Theory of the Polar Front Kidson E 1923 Presidential Address: Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics, section
The Value of Magnetic Investigations in New Zealand and Samoa Chree C 1928 Author: Late Superintendent, Kew Observatory
Volcanic Ash Kidson & Simmers E & R.G. 1933  
Weather and Wheat Yields at Lincoln College Kidson E 1929 Concludes with Note by Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf
Weather Forecasting and Upper-Air Observations Pemberton B.V. 1927  
Weather Forecasting in New Zealand Pemberton B.V. 1919 Good summary of knowledge and practrice at the time.
Weather Research on the Kermadec Islands Bates D.C. 1922 Includes miscellaneous historical and geographical-type information.
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